Over 40 Years of worldwide experience, 20 Years in the Greek Market!
Euromat Hellas was established in 2000 and specialized in providing fully AFMS services in the Greek market (Automated Fueling Management System). We are the first and only of our kind that simultaneously offers our services in both public and private gas stations all over Greece.
The combination of our company’s fully secured computerized system with the unique high level of service, leads to the most efficient and accurate way to control your fleet and fuel expenses.

Through our services, hundreds of companies gains huge financial, human resources and administrative benefits by automating the whole process of fueling, from the pump all the way to fiscal books registration.


Over the years, and as part of listening and understanding the needs of our clients, we have added two value added services:

* EuroTrack- Vehicle Location and Telemetry Service (VLTS)
* Mobileye- – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

The combination of those value added services together with Euromat’s service provides the FULL PACKAGE that achieves the most efficient, controlled, and economic way of fleet and fuel management in the market.

  • « «With this letter I would like to thank you formally for the help you gave us to find our stolen vehicle...»

    Human Resource Manager
  • «… besides succeeding in the reduction of fuel consumption with Euromat we improved the monitoring and organization of our fleet.»

    P. Malomitis – ΤΝΤ courier
    Fleet Controller
  • «Till today the implementation of the Euromat system in used in fueling our vehicles both by internal tanks and external service with satisfactory results and a collaboration at optimal levels.»

    Karatzas D. – Hellenic Quality Foods
    Corporate Controlling Director
  • «…comparing previous years and using only part of our fleet we found we managed to reduce our fuel consumption by about 17.8%…»

    Kolios N. – Kolios S.A.
  • «…inform you that your company has contributed extensively to the reduction of the fuel cost expenditures for our car fleet…»

    Samaras D. – ELECTROLUX
    Purchasing Manager
  • «…The cost reduction and the excellent cooperation until now has demonstrated the usefulness and necessity of the system not only toward better financial management but also as a tool for organizing our fleet.»

    Koukoutaris D. – ALFA Dough Products
    President and CEO
  • «…With the information we get from our corporate system, our company has achieved a reduction in fuel costs of 15%...»

    Garyfallou S.A.
  • «…We found that the results appear satisfactory in reducing fuel costs. This, along the excellent cooperation highlights the necessity and effectiveness of the system.»

    Giannikis P. – SPEEDEX S.A.
    Chief Financial Manager
  • «…Results to date are very good in reducing costs
    and our cooperation is very good…»

    C. Tsogas – EYATH (Thessaloniki Water Company)
    President and CEO
  • «…Our company has managed to reduce fuel costs by 12% annually. We also inform you that our collaboration with Euromat is excellent…»

    Arzoglou C. – Prisma S.A.
    Head of Sales

Some of our clients