The new generation of refueling!  A fully secured, automated fuel management system and service that meets the needs of any fleet.  Euromat is the most efficient and cost effective way to manage a fleet – minimum human interference and time spending with maximum control and data collection.  While refueling in public oil stations, home base stations or in both, Euromat is the perfect solution.

The Concept
Transaction Process
Here are some of EUROMAT benefits to the fleet owners:
  • Prevents fuel loss and misappropriation
  • Automatic and unified invoicing – one “wire transfer” payment.
  • Automated odometer reading for correct and useful reports
  • Monitors maintenance, engine efficiency, and driving habits
  • Eliminates manual data collection thereby reducing human resources and  Preventing human Erros
  • Prevents filling up with the wrong type of fuel
  • Simplifies recognition of fuel expenses by tax authorities
  • Fuel transaction are paid with an average of 30 days credit
System Services
All the Information you need to Control your Fuel Expenses

EuroM@t Hellas detailed and up to date reports provide all the needed information.

* Volume and costs for each vehicle
* Average fuel consumption
* Odometer readings at every fueling
* Time and location of every fueling
* Customer reports on demand

When time comes to pay, EuroM@t Hellas makes things much easier for you!

All refueling details are stored and can be imported by an automated procedure directly to your company’s ERP system.

No need to lose time and enter the data manually! A simple click from your ERP system, a single wiring transfer of the payment and you are done – we will make sure to dispatch the payment to the different retailers around Greece.

Euromat’s well experienced personnel is at your disposal at all times, making sure to keep the highest level of service.
A Wide Network of Stations At Your Fleet’s Service

With years of successful cooperation, you can enjoy our service at Hundreds of EKO stations all over Greece.

Our Partners

What is Eurotrack

Innovative Telematic Services for a complete fleet management solution
The Eurotrack-VLTS (Vehicle Location and Telemetry Service) is a great tool to manage your fleet.

Using Eurotrack system, you will have the full picture and knowledge of your fleet operation. If it is your Sales force, Technical team, delivery personnel or even you school buses – Eurotrack is the right tool for you.

Online monitoring and many various reports such as routes, stops, clients’ visits, temperature monitor and recording, door or valves status, Driver Behavior Analysis or any other data you can think of – we will supply you with the solution.

GPS Diagram
Here are some of EUROTRACK capabilities:
  • Live (real time) and historic locations and routes and stops on Google Maps
  • Automated alerts for preset conditions
  • Customer locations or POIS on the map
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • Optimal route calculation for visiting locations
  • Monitor predefined routes execution (location and time based)
  • Route or Trip cost calculation
  • Find closest vehicle to any location (routed or straight line distance)
  • Custom SMS / Email Notifications
  • Anti Thefts Security alerts
  • Fleet expenses management system
  • Automated Fleet Maintenance management with alerts per KM or Time intervals
  • Driver Behavior reports by G sensor and Mobileye



For the perfect Driver Behavior overview, please check Mobileye solution below.