Evropaiki Pisti – Introduction to the Greek Insurance Market the new technology of accident avoidance – Mobileye

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with the insurance company “Evropaiki Pisti” in the field of accident avoidance technologies Mobileye. “The big experience and the knowledge of fleet management, combined with a deep understanding of the Greek market needs, were the decisive factors for the promotion of Mobileye driver assistance system. Our cooperation with…


New Station in Thiva Voiotia (BP)

We would like to inform you, that a new BP station is now operating using the Euromat system.
  • BP “ΕΚΟ-Calypso” 5th KM Thivas – Mourikiou (left) – tel.2262029809, working hours M-Su 06:00-22:00.
We are always at your disposal.
Euromat team